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On-demand or regular bookings

With Sofive, you can rent your soccer field, any time and any day of the year (including every Holiday). We offer the best 5v5 fields with synthetic turf in NJ. Regular booking is a program we offer to our loyal renters where you can reserve your field for 10 consecutive weeks guaranteeing same time and day. 


In the off-peak season, the cost of a 5v5 field is $135 for one hour, $150 for one and a half hour, and $200 for two hours. The off-peak season is April 1st to November 30th (all days and times); from December 1st to March 30th off-peak is before 4pm and after 9pm Monday to Friday, and before 9am and after 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

The cost of a 5v5 field in the peak season is $150 for one hour.


All players (not only the captain booking the field) are required to sign our online waiver. Do it now and avoid starting your game late!

Cancellation policy

A 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. If such notification is not made, you are responsible for paying the price of the booking.

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